Fetish film screening

Best dressed in the cinema

Thursday, 28 May, 6:30 pm

Tom of Finland is the big bang of the gay fetish scene. The Finn Touko Laaksonen created the prototype of the leather boy. His gripping life story was brought to the screen in "Tom of Finland". To coincide with the beginning of the Fetish Weekend, the motto is: "Get into your clothes and off to the cinema!

The Arena Kino has existed for more than 100 years. It still radiates the charm of the 20s. The small-format film palace is located in the middle of the Glockenbach district, where the heart of Munich's gay scene beats. Before the film there is a cosy drink in the foyer.

Afterwards you can go to the ROUGH! Party at the JWAFOM to celebrate the beginning of the Fetish Weekend.

Please but tickets directly on the Arena Cinema website

The event has no dress code. But we are happy when you come to Gear - you won't be the only one! We want to stand up for the gay fetish scene with our face. Therefore please do not wear masks and cover your ass and your crown jewels.


Everyone knows the iconic, style-forming art of "Tom of Finland", but hardly anyone knows the story of the man behind it: Back from the front of the Second World War, for Touko Laaksonen (Pekka Strang) life in peace also proves to be war. In Finland in the 1950s, as a homosexual he could neither love whom he wanted nor realize himself.

Always exposed to the danger of a criminal prosecution that deals rigorously with gays, Touko finds refuge in drawing homoerotic images. Under the pseudonym "Tom of Finland", his art finally began a triumphal march in the 1970s. The artist thus not only sparked the "Gay Revolution", but also became the symbolic figure of an entire generation of young gay men.