Fetish Schlager party

Saturday, May 30th; 9pm

Registration in advance absolutely necessary!

On this evening the probably weirdest event of the MLC calendar will take place: The Fetisch-Schlager-Party. An event that could be terrible, but instead is simply grandiose. Once a year Helene, Marianne & Co. sing for fetish guys. There are also hits from the 80s and 90s, which are guaranteed to be fun. We are looking forward to a bombing atmosphere in a full Underground club.

The underground offers on 400qm slings, gloryholes, sunbathing lawns, cages, St. Andrew's cross, wet area and whatever else the BDSM heart desires.

Attention: To get admission you have to register online on the MLC website. Please bring an identity document (identity card or passport) to get admission.