Fetish & ART: Morepixx

Exhibition at Sub. e.V.

Exhibition daily, free admission. July 11-23, 2022, 7 p.m.-24 a.m. Saturdays 8 p.m.-24 a.m.

Café at Sub
Müllerstraße 14
80469 München

Pride and fetish belong together! Already at the Stonewall riots in New York leather dudes stood up for queer rights. To celebrate this connection, we have brought the Morepixx Fetish Photography Award to Munich for the Pride Weeks of CSD Munich 2022. You will have the opportunity to see the best works of the Morepixx Award 2022 at Sub from July 11 - 23.

Event: Fetish CSD Warm-up

We celebrate our traditional "Fetish CSD Warm-up" on Fri. 15.07.22 at the Sub and are very happy to welcome Taco D Smit as the initiator of the Morepixx Award. Enjoy with us a relaxed bar night in Gear, get in the mood for the CSD with good music and cheap drinks, and take your chance to see the works of the Morepixx Award at the Sub.

  • Fetish CSD Warm-up: Morepixx Vernissage

  • Friday, July 15, from 7 p.m.

  • Sub, Müllerstr. 14, Munich

  • no registration required

  • Show your gear! Leather, Rubber, Sports... Every fetish welcome.


Tom of Finland created the idealized prototype of the leather guy in his drawings, and the gay fetish community brought the ideal to life. A lot has happened since then: Stonewall, AIDS, marriage for all. Today, fetishes are part of popular culture - whether on the catwalk, in cinema, or on advertising posters. Yet, despite the fought liberalization for LGBTI*s, fetishists are still taboo within the LGBTI* community. A contradiction that characterizes the state of the queer emancipation process.

However, the fetish community is self-confidently pushing out of the mud corner. People understand fetishes as part of their identity, as an expression of their character. This proud emancipation is documented by the photographs that can be seen in the exhibition.

About the Morepixx Award and its initiator Taco D. Smit

The Amsterdam photographer Taco D. Smit is one of the international greats of artistic fetish photography and has created with the Morepixx Award, founded in 2002, a young talent award for the scene, which has been part of the fixed program of national and international fetish events since it was first organized.

Taco D. Smit is a freelance photographer and lecturer in photography at the Photo Academy Amsterdam. His works are characterized by the expressiveness of the personality of the portrayed: Fetish here is not an object but an intense and individual expression of character and his image compositions and stagings are always a tribute to the individual creativity of the portrayed.

The Morepixx Award also promotes and encourages photographers in fetish photography to realize their individual artistic and interpersonal approach in the representation of fetish and person. The works presented and honored in the Morepixx Award are thus in the spirit of celebrating fetish as queer life culture and as an individual artistic expression of the person and personality. As such, fetish takes on a human, subjective character, making the photographs created as part of this competition eminently suitable for creating enlightenment, conversation, and understanding across all bandwidths of society.